A Bit of a Do

© Barry Goodman 2008



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And we’ll meet together when we get the chance
And we’ll sing and we’ll play for the old step-dance
At the Navigation and the New Inn too,
We’re going to have a bit of a do!
Going to have a bit of a do!

The sun’s been down for an hour or two
And the horse is going slow;
We’ve been working this pair, just me and you,
For twelve hours on the go.
We could tie up now, have a bite to eat,
Have a tune and go to bed,
Or we could meet with our mates at the old Bridge Inn
Just around the bend ahead.

Our lad’s been courting a Marsworth girl
And he says they’re going to wed,
So we’ll call for the family all to come
And gather at the old Turk’s Head,
And afterwards we’ll celebrate
At the White Lion up by the lock
But no matter how late the party ends
We’ll be off again at four o’clock.

We’re taking a load up to Coventry
By way of the Braunston flight,
And when we’re through we’ll tie them up
At the Nelson for the night,
Then up to Rugby, past the Royal Oak
And the Boat and the Barley Mow;
We’ll stop for the day at Hawksbury
And to the Greyhound Inn we’ll go.

So we’ll work all the hours that daylight brings,
Then we’ll take a few hours sleep,
And we’re off again with the same routine
To make sure we earn our keep.
But when there’s a crowd of boats tying up
Near a pub we all like well,
Then a bit of a do will surely carry on
Well after the drinking-up bell!
Canalside pubs were important watering holes and social stops for the boatmen and their families. Some pubs had little or no connection with anything but the canal, being isolated from any public roads.

Barry Goodman, who wrote the song and kindly provided the words, music and additional information, is a member of song duo 'Life and Times' and dance band 'Time of Your Life'. See www.lifeandtimes.info, www.timeofyourlife.info & www.myspace.com/broadsidesrevisited

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