All Hail This Grand Day
(Croydon Canal)



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All hail this grand day when with gay colours flying,
The barges are seen on the current to glide,
When with fond emulation all parties are vying,
To make our canal of Old England the pride.

Chorus :
Long down its fair stream may the rich vessel glide,
And the Croydon Canal be of England the pride.

And may it long flourish, while commerce caressing,
Adorns its gay banks with her wealth-bringing stores;
To Croydon, and all round the country a blessing,
May industry's sons ever thrive on its shore!

And now my good fellows sure nothing is wanting
To heighten our mirth and our blessings crown,
But with the gay belles on its banks to be flaunting
When spring smiles again on this high-favoured town.
Composed by a 'gentleman' to celebrate the Croydon Canal.
It was sung at the opening in October 1809 by Mr J Walsh, one of the proprietors.
Words to be found in ‘Canal Songs’ by Jon Raven.
Information about the short-lived Croydon Canal can be found on the Canal Museum website.

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