All the Dark Clouds by Ian H Bruce (2010) Chorus: All the dark clouds have passed and gone All the wild storms are o'er So with spirit and hopes, we‘ll untie our ropes And head off down the cut once more When winter dictates that your boat hibernates And cold weather is sapping morale Your boat's lack of heat means your life's incomplete When prevented from cruising canals But confinement to base takes the smile from my face This land-lubber's life is a bore The roads are gridlocked, shopping gangways all blocked It's a lifestyle I've grown to deplore As all the world's woes disturb my repose All the news is disaster and doom 'Escape to the Country'? Yes, but not on TV I‘ve a real life I want to resume When snowdrops sneak up their heads for a peek And hear daffodils trumpeting spring Time to bury bad news, there's a system to cruise And a song of freedom to sing So be gone the depression that winter brings on In the spring of the year don‘t be sad Charge your batteries with sun, seek firm friendship and fun Float away down the cut and feel glad That .. “When a group of friends held a towpath gathering, we all happily sang along to 'All the Good Times Have Passed and Gone' and 'Goodnight Irene' but one or two who had drunk less than the rest noticed just how depressing these two songs were. This song is an attempt to provide more optimistic canal related lyrics to (approximately) the tune of the former.” - Ian H Bruce Recorded on :
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