My Narrow Home

by Peter Clement © 2020



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[D]My home it may be [A]narrow
[G]But I have all I [D]need
My [A]destination’s [G]up to [D]me
The [A]view it changes [G]constant[D]ly
I [A]live my life [G]completely free
[A]In my narrow [D]home

[You see] I awoke one morning
And something dawned on me
What I did and what I had
Left me empty, left me sad
Surely things couldn’t be as bad
In my narrow home

I looked around my modern house
And cast a critic’s eye
Realised with little doubt
There wasn’t much I cared about
And many things I could do without
In my narrow home

So I downsized – only kept
The few things I would need
Sold the rest and bought my boat
Sent my friends a goodbye note
And so began my life afloat
In my narrow home

My home it may be narrow
But I have all I need
My destination’s up to me
The view it changes constantly
I live my life completely free
In my narrow home

[D]Passers-by on[G] the towpath [D]say hello but [G]they can’t know
that [D]I could never [G]feel alone, [D]as long as I am [G]free to roam
….. in my narrow [D]home….

If old friends come to visit
We spend a pleasant day
They enjoy the novelty
The tales they hear the things they see
Then they go and leave me be
In my narrow home

Notes from the song writer :

My brother lives on a narrow boat and I love going to visit him and see how he has pared things down until he really does have ‘all he needs’ – just laid out in a snug and economical linear fashion.

We also have an acquaintance who sold her house and moved to live on a canal boat and she recalls what a liberating experience it was - having to determine what she actually needed to furnish her new floating home.

She also mentions that she is no longer tempted to buy items she thinks she might need until she has really considered where she is going to put
them – and most times she concludes the possible purchase is something she really can ‘do without’.

Pete Clement