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Latest Additions/Changes :

Song Added : Llangollen's Grand Prix by Ian H Bruce (8/9/19)

Song Added : The Crinan Canal by Joyce Schofield (11/8/19)

Song Added : Castles and Roses by John Harris (11/8/19)

New link to They Brought the Sea to Manchester radio programme (9/6/19)

Song Added : Winter Will Take Me Away by Phil Underwood (5/6/19)

Verse Added : Red Roses-Bright Castles by Phil Underwood (24/4/19)

Video Added : Saturn performed by The Shropshire Boatmen (30/1/2019)

Song Added : The Leeds and Liverpool Canal by Rum Doodle (21/10/2018)

Recording Added : The Lunatic Boaters sung by Gordon Macdonald (13/10/2018)

Song Added : Another version of the Calabar from Sam Henry's 'Songs of the People' (25/9/2018)

Recording Added : Cruise of the Calabar sung by Emma Vickers (25/9/2018)

Song Added : The Lunatic Boaters by Bill Heyes (10/9/2018)

Changes to Keepers Lock CD pages (8/9/18)

Song Added : Red Roses-Bright Castles by Phil Underwood (24/8/18)








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